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[ HAF ] growing ring

do you ever see stuff that makes you think "how in the world did someone think of this"? haha i get that feeling a lot, and it's how i feel about most of the stuff i blog. if it amazes me that someone thought of and executed something, then i definitely must share it! it's just that, all artists/designers' minds work in different ways. for instance, i LOVE certain aspects of 3D design - and can even conceptualize various products that i think would be cool to make - but i can't execute them at all. my brain and hands do what they will when i'm making art, whether it be designing a magazine page layout or painting a picture.

so, you know how i love indoor plants, esp. since i'm a citygirl at heart (1, 2, 3)? and how i love rings of all shapes and sizes and materials and colors and ...? wellllll~ this product is the best of both worlds!

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