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(fig the flying pig)

i think im attracted to whimsy. as a kid, i was always into fairytales and magic... which explains my deep respect and love for the harry potter books (no joke, im so serious!!). deep down, i still wish i had magical powers and could go to a school for magic kids and be all magical and shtuff hahah.

so, taking into account my love for whimsy and my love for rings, i just had to fall in love with these rings by nOir jewelry. the flying pig caught my eye just because it's so adorable. sure, a flying pig in itself is whimsical but the designs of the jewelry are all sort of playful in their own little way.

another thing that really caught my eye was the fact that the panther ring below looks an awful lot like this panther ring from cartier that i was still am lusting over a few weeks ago.

(from top left, clockwise) jules the octopus, diana the panther, goldie the elephant, pete the porcupine, bryan the buddha, sally the shark, yogi the koi fish, sven the snail, jenny the panda, lola the elephant

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