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[ 6 picks ] egg-spect only the best

trying to get lunch was quite the ordeal today. first we tried to go to panera, which was unbelievably packed. then we tried to go to this italian place and - of course - the place had closed down. then we head across the street to this all-american place (i can't remember the names of the places haha) and they were short on staff so - even though it was relatively empty - we couldn't be seated.

so.... with no idea where to go, we settled on ihop. across the street. because at that point we were just hungry and didn't know what else to do.

honestly, i'm not the hugest fan of ihop, really. i prefer plato's diner in cp. or even cp diner (it's so cheap!). i think i have a bad impression of ihop because the one in college park SUCKS. then again, i can't complain b/c last weekend on our way home from rockville, i had to make dubz stop in cp so i could tinkle and no one at ihop cared that i was just tinkling and leaving haha. so that was a +1 for them. but food quality there isn't too good.

the ihop we went to today was actually ok. not great, not bad. i got eggs and bacon and hash browns and pancakes. which put me into an immediate food coma. i don't know HOW i'll eat dinner later tonight. sigh.

in any case, here are six egg picks for your viewing pleasure!
egg plant: ceramic egg with lavendar seeds
at branch
[ thanks garE for the link! just crack the top, water it, and voila! ]
egg pants: little holders for your soft or hard boiled eggs
by lizkin design at velocity art and design
[ sponge bob egg pants ! jk but what a cute idea! ]
the oracle: bird woman and her egg
by pale preoccupation at etsy
[ i'm really liking the human-animal crossbreeds lately O.o ]
pantone mug: egg yolk
by whitbread wilkinson
[ the design nerd within loves all the pantone-inspired products ]
eggflat: tabletop piece (plate or container)
by josh jakus
[ cool idea to be able to contort the shape to fit your needs ]
rice birdhouse egg timers: colorful and magnetic
by rice dk at huset shop
[ the color combo of the pink one reminds me of a toy i owned as a kid ]

[ links ]
egg plant: click
egg pants: click
the oracle: click
pantone mug: click
eggflat: click
rice birdhouse egg timers: click

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