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[ inspired by ] taste the rainbow

last night, we triiiied to go to the gym. but the one thing that really sucks about the Y is that it closes at 10pm. boo. so we get there and its about to close. so, of course, the next idea is that we should definitely go to tutti frutti hahaha. at least its better than the time we were going to go to the gym and then went to fathouse honey pig instead.

and, again, fruity pebbles is the best topping evarrrrr. i never really get yogurt but i had a couple bites of sharons and, man, i miss fruity pebbles. its bad... if i buy a box right this second, i will EASILY be able to eat the entire box by tonight. easy.

this post is dedicated to the colorful world of fruity pebbles. taste the rainbow? (even though that's skittles haha).

 [ links ]
1. liquid lamp | kyouei design | coated steel : click
2. crayon rings | timothy liles | crayon wax : click
3. patent leather jazz shoes | labour of love | patent leather: click
4. paperclip perch | modcloth | magnetic : click
5. loch ness imposter | ross zietz at threadless | print : click
6. war bowl | dominic wilcox | plastic soldiers : click
7. nooka zub 38 zoo | nooka at uo | watch : click

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