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beeeeethoven series ring

sorry for the hiatus on my blogging. i won't get into too much detail but a good friend of mine passed away last week. he was an amazing, dedicated, awesomely awesome friend, teacher, person. im so thankful to have had him in my life because he was really there for me and treated me like a normal person when i was going through a most abnormal time in my life (chemo). RIP terry king. we all love and miss you so so much!

these beethoven rings/necklaces by ambush remind me of terry a bit - as he was a piano teacher... and musician extraordinaire. he even attempted to teach me how to read music in a mini lesson one afternoon after having delicious burgers at a burger joint whose name i can no longer recall.

this one's for you terrykins - our rockstar in the sky <3

 (beeeeethoven pendant)

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