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hey all!

it's been - again - too long. lots of things have been ch-ch-ch-CHANGING for me lately. new job! new art projects! new design projects! new phone (cus the old one was stolen, and boy is that a story)!

and maybe most exciting for you, my readers - NEW WEBSITE. coming soon!

the reason: the new phone is awesome (galaxy s2) but i made the mistake of importing from google when i started it. meaning it pulled every email address i've ever emailed from gmail and every photo i've ever uploaded to blogspot. needless to say that's not what i wanted to accomplish by "importing contacts" from gmail >_< so i deleted em. again. my mistake. so now my blog is.... confused looking to say the least. and my gmail is missing a few contacts (sorry guys!).

seems like a lot of new beginnings are on the horizon, though. leaving behind a lot of old stuff and making way for the new awesome stuff. and so, even though i'd love to be able to fix the photo issue and get this blog back to what it was, i think it's time to put my blog in a NEW place ^^

this isn't goodbye, this is be back soon!

ps: get ready to meet a lot more lil dudes like this guy


[ cat versus human ] my pet dino

been MIA again cus i've been SOOOOO busy but no need to fear, i'm back! and today is autumnus' birthday! so happiest birthday dear autumnus <3

these comics called cat versus human are awesome. and since autumn loves cats AND dinosaurs, this is totally appropriate for her bday! me and erise my ruv got her the book for her bday! ^^

[ links ]
my pet dino: click
cat versus human: click


[ eye rock ] black lace eye tattoo

saw these over on twitterland via design milk and had to do a bit more research on 'em. would you rock these eye [temporary] tattoos by eye rock? i think i would. maybe not in maryland. but i totally would! they're fun. and the same company has nail rock and lip rock styles, too. makes me wanna go somewhere and party. like a rockstar.

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black lace eye tattoo: click
eye rock: click


[ i&s bbdo ] umino seaweed shop

spent this past weekend in the second greatest city of all time - NYC (the greatest being seoul, duh). and i got to spend the weekend with my brothers from other mothers mikey & benjameen. we went on foodie adventures all over the city from dinner at danji (ZOMG) to brunch at maialino (ZOMG). and then, mr. former executive chef of naked fish himself (benjameen) made us dinner on sunday night. DELICIOUS - i'm craving that bronzini carpaccio. yum.

well for all the other sushi enthusiasts out there, here is some amazing advertising for the umino seaweed shop. i&s bbdo NAILED it. and, yes, they actually laser-cut the seaweed for these ads. m'mm~!

[ links ]
umino seaweed shop: click
i&s bbdo: click
via design taxi: click


[ liviana osti ] cuore

has anyone ever watched the movie from hell? it's one of my faves - and not just because johnny depp is in it, though i do admit that's the reason i watched it in the first place. it's a movie based on the unsolved jack the ripper killings in london during the late 1800s. and it takes one of the more conspiratorial views on who may have been the notorious murderer of whitechapel. dun dun dunnnn!

in any case, this wine decanter/water carafe by liviana osti reminds me of the film... specifically a scene in the home of sir william gull (played by ian holm). i must say, the visuals of that movie were quite creeeeeeepy... now i wanna go watch it o_O

[ links ]
cuore: click
liviana osti: click


[ todd von bastiaans and bryan mccarthy ] pancake floor pillows

so, two weekends ago it was richie rich's bday and we went out clubbing in dc w/ a the whole crew. and then, afterwards, whilst on the way home, richie rich called for cheesesteak delivery. which we then promptly demolished before passing OUT at tighef's place. wondrous.

the next morning we woke up and decided to go eat at florida avenue grill. and. uhm. OMG. best hot cake i've EVER....EVER had. it was fumongous, first of all. and second of all, it was sitting in a plate of buttery goodness. yum. the way breakfast is meant to be eaten. slathered in butter.

these floor pillows by todd von bastiaans and bryan mccarthy remind me of those delicious hot cakes. not only do the pillows look yummy, but they look super comfy too!

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pancake floor pillows: click


[ samal design ] 7dpi

we all know how much i love super mario brothers for NES. so imagine how sad i am that ever since we got new furniture for my bedroom, i haven't re-hooked up my wii. its been FOREVER since i've played super mario, donkey kong, etc. i wasn't the one who hooked up my wii in the first place, so i'm being a brat and not doing it hahaha. someone come hook it up for meee! tanks!

and speaking of pixelated realnezz, these glasses by samal design are freakin fabulous. once again (and i must say it), big bang needs to wear these in an upcoming music video and/or performance and/or photo shoot - specifically gdragon and TOP. to be honest, i wanna wear them too!!

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7dpi: click
samal design: click


[ timo handmade ] funky doll

been sick all week ~_~ congested and sniffly and sneezy and blegh. about to go to sleep SUPER early. and then i'll wake up with edward scissorhands hair cus thats what i always look like in the morning. without fail. the pitfalls of having short hair, i suppose.

at least these dolls have the same hairdo as my bedhead 'do. and they rock it pretty well, don't they?

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funky doll: click
timo handmade: click


[ dust furniture ] stacked cabinets

I HAVE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG. so for that, i am sorry, faithful readers. had a CRAZY few weeks - busy at work, busy on the weekends, busy busy busy busy BUSY. wah! so anywho, i've also been trying to get back into going to the movies all the time. we went to the midnight showing of hunger games (WHICH WAS AWESOME AND I WANNA GO SEE IT 10 MORE TIMES). but i still havent seen the lorax or the vow (yes, chickflick) or the woman in black (outta theaters now i think) or a LOT of other movies. and we all know how much of a movie maniac i am.

speaking of the lorax, don't these cabinets by dust furniture remind you of dr. seuss. saw these over on design milk, who tweeted that they remind her of tim burton. but the longer i look, the more seuss i see. do you agree?
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