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i don't accessorize too much but i do go through phases with accessories. in middle school through high school, i loved wearing RIDICULOUS earrings. feathers. beads. little animals. turtles. anything. plus i had six piercings in my ears (3 on the left, 2 on the right + 1 cartilage on the right). and then, i don't quite know when it happened - maybe junior year of high school, i started wearing just stud earrings. then, when i was in korea, i decided to let two of my ear piercings close up. and i got my tragus pierced in my right ear.

now, i just wear some bootaful pearl earrings my mom got me in my first ear piercings and then some bootaful diamond earrings she bought me in the second holes. and my tragus piercing has graduated from the 1$ tiiiiiny fake-diamond stud i'd buy on the streets of seoul to a little diamond earring my mom bought me for me birfday this year.

in any case, i'm no longer "into" earrings. i'm ALL about rings. you've probably noticed since i've blogged about a kajillion rings since starting this blog (remember the ever-so-popular diamond acrylic ring?). i guess i've subconsciously got my eyes peeled for quirky. and these are definitely quirkily cool.

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