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[ 6 picks ] light up my life

at my workplace, there's the obvious fluorescent lighting. and i'm serious, i think it's killing my eyes. part of it, though, is that my allergies are already making me dizzified half the time. and my vision is semi hazy from all the pollen. and my freakin eyelashes are long. ok that last one has nothing to do with anything but i seriously notice them more! maybe because my eyes are always half-closed cus of pollen-attack.

anyway! the fluorescent lighting sucks and i vow to never ever ever have fluorescent lighting anywhere in my home/future business location. assuming i can open my own business at some point. its just too harsh and hurts my eyeballs. and - hey! - my macbook screen is hard to see in fluorescent lighting. not meant for the design mind.

here are six light-related picks (that don't suck)!

by leelee bredenberg at modcloth
[ i. love. this. & i donno why! haha ;) ]

horse lamp: floor lamp
by moooi
[ creepy eyeballs and fuge nostrils haha <3 ]

edison necklace: vintage-feel
by curiosa etcetera
[ i love that the light bulbs are old-fashioned ]

sticky lamp: sticker-backed
by chris kabel with droogdesign
[ UHM. can i open a design firm and put these EVERYWHERE? ]

light series: photography
by youngna park
[ diggin' the very clean/crisp/basic quality of the photos ]

organic lamp: and other conceptual photos
by dan cretu
[ "everything is not what it seems" ]

[ links ]
light up my tee: click
horse lamp: click
edison necklace: click
sticky lamp: click
light series (photography): click
organic lamp: click

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