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skyping w/ erise my ruv earlier today and, whilst discussing something(s) of great importance that i'm sure i'll blog about later, i decided i'd share a few awesome plushies. cus we all know how much of a dork i am with the thousands of plushies i have (ok maybe more like 7, but still i'm a grown ass woman so i don't know if that's acceptable, even). so here are 6 plushies i'd want, for myself or my future children or my nephew olz or really any children, cus they're that cool.

silly soft seating - iggy: plush w/ removable covers
by p'kolino
[ and the fabric covers are machine washable! ]

by nonesuch garden
[ i have a platypus stuffed animal that i love, everyone should have one too! ]

bert: lambswool plush
by sara carr
[ this reminds me of humpty dumpty, no? so cute/chubz ]

gary: the non-plush plush
by our children's gorilla
[ simple and eco-friendly! ]

bengal fox: cinnamon wool plush
by royalmint
[ straight out of a storybook ]

stache labbit: 14" plush
by frank kozik
[ rabbits and mustaches = ^^b ]

[ links ]
silly soft seating - iggy: click
halyn the platypus: click
bert: click
gary: click
bengal fox: click
stache labbit: click

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