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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the rabbit

as we all know already, it's the year of the rabbit. and thats my chinese zodiac sign as well!

per jueli's recommendation, i've decided to do a 6 picks on each of the zodiac signs. so of course i wanted to start w/ MY sign - the bunny rabbit. (ignore the fact that this is my 3rd 6picks on bunnies, please.) so enjoy and lemme know which sign you'd like to see next!

ricebitt: rabbit pcoket notebook
by noodoll
[ shes cute - and a tad ferocious. love their designs! ]

come on rabbit: earrings
by nocda
[ we all know how much i love nocda! ]

dark pink bunny: umbrella
by topshop
[ it's like a child's bedroom motif on an umbrella ]

by nümph
[ long tees + leggings make me happy, as does this bunny's goggles ]

mr. white rabbit: illustration
by emerson tung
[ a new take on alice's white rabbit friend. this is amazing ]

plant a bunny: seed paper 
[ infused w/ wildflower seeds, plant and watch it grow! so COOL! ]

[ links ]
ricebitt: click
come on rabbit: click
dark pink bunny umbrella: click
andré amp-hare t-shirt: click
mr. white rabbit: click
plant a bunny: click

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