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[ 6 picks ] a pirate's life for me

i'm staying at a hotel in half moon bay, ca right now. a block or two from the ocean, too! but it's super fogtastic and chilly here. nothing like the 120 degree weather back home in maryland. in any case, i love being near the ocean so i have no complaints. in fact, as soon as i post this blog, i'm off to purchase a juiced greens "smoothie" (sounds delightful, i know - its actually not bad!) and head to the beach w/ my sketchbook. and a hoodie.
i hope by now everyone knows how much i absolutely LOVE pirates of the caribbean. my car (which i've had since 2003, the same year the first potc movie came out) is named "black pearl" after jack sparrow's ship. what can i say? i must've been a pirate in another life ~_^ and since i'm so close to the ocean these days, all i can think to say is: drink up me hearties yo-ho.

ahoy: necklace
by nevertheless
[ i love this. too much. for words. ]

adventure time: digital illustration
by danielle gundry-monji
[ of course the title makes me think of adventure time with finn and jake ]

one less car: handprinted t-shirt
by david barclay
[ and we all know how much i LOATHE driving ]

sea monkey & strange fish: hinged illustrations
by emma kidd
[ these are TOO darn fun/cool ]

remember me, sailor: sterling silver ring
by melanie favreau
[ simple and really does look like rope ]

ocean: 5 color silkscreen print
by brainstorm print and design
[ & they have a US series but they put MD in "The South" >:| haha ]

[ links ]
ahoy: click
adventure time: click
one less car: click
sea monkey & strange fish: click
remember me, sailor: click
ocean: click

1 comment:

Patji said...

Ooh! I love the sailor's knot ring. Very simple and cute. Hope you're having a blast on the west coast :)