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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the tiger

this blog entry is gonna be about tigers, as i move through the rest of the chinese zodiac 6 picks. BUT can i just say, i'm pretty excited to buy the newest mac osx --> lion! as you may know (or may have guessed), im a huge apple nerd (excluding the iphone cus i love my samsung galaxy s). and the new multi-touch gestures is something i can't wait to use - especially since i literally always have 1000 tabs open at the same time. it'll be nice to be able to just swype swipe my fingers and move through tabs instead of trying to find the one i'm looking for on the tab bar.

okokok, back to tigers though!

tiger mask: plush
by milkhouse
[ anyone else thinking nacho libre here? ]

fashionista: digital art
by pete harrison
[ ok tiger head smoking a cig = i love this ]

dali: swimsuit
by black milk
[ we all know how much i love black milk already ]

untitled: illustration
by michael marsicano
[ check out his other work too, some very interesting stuff! ]

 at urban outfitters
[ ok who DOESNT need this in their room? ]

tiger tattoo: pendant
by shop lb
[ very intricate and really does look like a generic tiger tattoo haha ]

[ links ]
tiger mask: click
fashionista: click
dali: click
untitled by michael mariscano: click
inflatable tiger head: click
tiger tattoo: click

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