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[ 6 picks ] a twitchy lil mustache

i had a skype job interview with a design company in korea last night (which is morning in seoul). it went well, i think. i'm a little hesitant about it for various reasons i won't get into but we'll see if they hit me up with a job offer.

so, now that i'm starting to interview, it means i'm probably (hopefully) going to be heading out to korea in the next month or so! which reminds me of my first "going-to-korea" goodbye party in spring 2008. the party theme was "borats and gypsies and shots - oh my!" (i don't even know where or why i came up with this) and we bought fake stick-on mustaches from party city for the occasion. it was a beautiful sight to behold - guys and girls running around w/ fake mustaches and fake unibrows and fake chest hair. it was wondrous, and a hit idea!

in honor of our genius mustache party of 2008, here are six fun mustache picks that i thought were cute/funny.

party mustache: a fake clip-on 'stache
at UO
[ i feel like this would hurt your nose after a bit though o_O haha ]

mustache/beard series: illustrations
by marta wawryszuk at beard revue
[ this made me laugh b/c my hair looks like that and i love neon ]

mustache tee: printed t-shirt
by ukki at yesstyle
[ cute shirt... and i miss my old charlie chaplin hat *sigh* ]

mustache necklace: fairytale collection
by newyorkcouture
[ and if u hang the chain on ur ears, the mustache stays in place! ]

by lemon drop studio
[ different mustache styles... so simple/vivid ]

mustash drawers: playful furniture
by rob southcott
[ these are too freakin adorable!!! i want! ]

[ links ]
party mustache: click
marta wawryszuk's mustache illustrations: click
mustache tee: click 
fairytale mustache necklace: click
mustache note card flats: click 
mustash drawers: click

1 comment:

Kristi said...

that first model guy is hott!! and I really hope you find a Korean job SOON.