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[ 6 picks ] quarter century bday

as some of you know (and some of you don't) it was my bday this past weekend. andddd twas a crazy-fun time. i'm glad i got to celebrate with everyone who came to dinner and/or 2020. andddd i'm glad taynifer oppz isn't mad we kidnapped him and that he had to spend the entire day sunday at my house hahaha.

what better bday present than getting to spend time w/ fam/friends, right? unless, of course, you wanna say BIG BANG'S NEW ALBUM DROPPED YESTERDAY. ahem. one day after my bday. ahem. obviously as a birthday present to moi. pwahahaha!

anyway lemme calm myself down and give you a bday-related 6picks!~

grafika: 100% PCR paper
by 1973
[ a green - and still beautiful - way to wrap presents! ]

fische sternzeichen # 2: illustration
by julia humpfer
[ from her zodiac series, the pisces! aka meee! ]

nesting: steel shot glasses
by wintercheck factory
[ reminds me of watercups in korea haha i want 'em in all 3 colors! ]

chrysanthemum: candleholder flips over to become a bowl
by michaella janse van vuuren
[ this looks like a huge cake. or a weird brain hahaha ]

cake walk: collage, illustration
by sarah ogren
[ ALMOST didnt have cake this yr but then we went to shilla 냠 ]

aleister primrose: hand-printed wallpaper
by grow house grow!
[ apparently violets and primroses are my birth month flower? ]

[ links ]
grafika: click
fische sternzeichen # 2: click
nesting: click
chrysanthemum: click
cake walk: click
aleister primrose: click

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