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[ 6 picks ] did you know? jellyfeesh are taking over the worlds oceans

... and now they're taking over my blog.

if you don't know by now, i love jellyfish. plus, me and erise my ruv and cedric oppa are OBVIOUSLY jellyfeesh experts. (click here to read more on that should you feel curious, so that i dont get too repetitive.) so, enjoy these jellyfeesh picks!

oh, and don't get stung.

betty takes a swim: illustration
by shawna x. huang
[ self-proclaimed visual stimulator, shes got such a fun/whimsical style ]

captain smith: handprinted wallpaper in epoque
by grow house grow!
[ this would be AMAZING as a one-wall accent ]

jellyfish sculpture series: glass and neon lighting
by eric ehlenberger
[ a cluster of these in the corner of any room? delight! ]

jellyfish hareball: illustration
by J.P.G.
[ two of my favourite animals! bunnies and jellies ]

by awkward
[ so delicate and fragile-looking ]

by alexander mcqueen
[ my obsession w/ leggings meets my obsession w/ jellyfish ]

[ links ]
betty takes a swim: click
captain smith: click
jellyfish sculpture series: click
jellyfish hareball: click
completely and ridiculously tiny moon jellyfish: click
jellyfish-print leggings: click

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