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[ chris yoon ] kleenex desktop companion

temperatures have dipped down into the 30s and you know what that means. yup - snow flurries. so far, none here in columbia but me and jen unnz are going to be heading down to CP today for some various errands and it's apparently snowing there now!

a few months behind on this but hey - now that the weathers cold again - it seems quite relevant to share. design student chris yoon re-packaged kleenex with designers as the target audience.
Beyond simply decorating a Kleenex box, I wanted to think through how the product (the tissues) could interact with the packaging once it was open, which eventually led to a typewriter loaded with paper, a whale spraying from his blowhole, a cottage emitting smoke, and any number of executions that fit that idea.
as a designer myself, I WANT KLEENEX TO ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THIS. hahaha so basically, he totally succeeded. great idea, great execution.

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