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again, it's been awhile since i've blogged. my birthday festivities ran all weekend and i was too tired even yesterday to do anything but lay around watching how i met your mother. which, btw, is one of my fave shows of all time but i digress.

monday night, when me and richie rich were driving down to annandale for bonchon, we saw something SUPER weird. on 95S, right at the 175 exit, we saw..... a UFO. im not kidding! it was this aircraft that was as close as an airplane would be (since we're near BWI, we get a lotta those). but there was a ring of orangey, fireball light around it that kept spinning. and after it stopped spinning, it looked like letters, except they were upside-down and backwards.... soooooo strange.

i was getting together a 6picks and happened upon these awesome collages by kris tate. love love love the black&white vs. hyper-color used in the pieces. my fave is ▲ntoniette▲ because it looks supernova galactic, which is such a fun juxtaposition with her 18th century french aristocrat hair.

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