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[ 6 picks ] somewhere over the rainbow

"it's a good thing that when God created the rainbow he didn't consult a decorator or he would still be picking colors." - sam levenson

well. as true as that may be, we're in luck. cus these pieces incorporate the well-known colors of the rainbow into wonderful design/art. plus, i just painted my nails a not-quite rainbow this morning. so. yeah.

(btw. i didn't MEAN for the last two 6 picks titles to both be wizard of oz related. maybe it's a sign i need to re-watch it...)

(then again, there's a tornado watch in PG county right now and the word "tornado" always brings to mind ruby red slippers and a spinning house and toto and "theres no place like home." coincidence??)

pinocchio: hand-felted 
by HAY rugs
[ oh man do i just LOVE a circle rug... ]

crescent no. 5001: illustration print
by pancakes & franks
[ i just adore how theres little surprises in every color!!!! ]

rider jacket: premium s/s 2011 collection
by amazine
[ they use color so WELL don't they? ]

at urban outfitters
[ wacky? whacky? whatever the spelling, its delightful ]

rainbow colored sneakers: with suede accent
by luvgun
[ they look like golf shoes gone fun ]

baby ampersand: felt on heavy natural flax linen
by castle and things
[ perfectly striped! and the stitched signature is so cute ]

[ links ]
pinocchio: click
crescent no. 5001: click
rider jacket: click
gypsy chandelier: click
rainbow colored sneakers: click
baby ampersand: click

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