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[ 6 picks ] leggies

i'm a leggings person. i'd rather wear leggings than jeans any day. when jeggings came out, i was pretty skeptical... because the ones that i saw in america (the affordable ones, that is) were so poorly constructed. they didn't look like jeans at all. that's why i was SO happy to find these jeggings at uniqlo when i was in korea over the summer. they're only 30$ and, though constructed EXACTLY like jeans, they're made of super soft and stretchy material. they have a zipper, front/back pockets, everything! my favorite!!! and uniqlo USA has finaaaaaaaaaally gotten them (literally in the last couple weeks). it's about time! if i do make it up to NYC for halloween, i'm definitely purchasing these jeggings in black - for work!

anyway. the point of this entry was NOT for me to rave about how awesome uniqlo's jeggings are. this is a 6 picks on leggings. which taemo oppz used to call "leggies" ~ hence the title of this entry. mwahaha. in any case, i tried to pick out some unique and unusual leggings - a few colorful, a few not, all pretty out-of-the-ordinary!

 olive tire leggings: two-toned
by human potential
[ i saw these at a*land over the summer and LOVED the color ]

leggi603: bike series with mixed fabrics
by just like me
[ these cut outs are fun! ]

by amazine
[ whacky but awesome ]

gold spartans: black and gold leggings
by black milk
[ i couldnt do a leggings 6picks without black milk! ] 

 primitive leggings: red, black, & white designs
by BL_NK
[ i love the way they're styled in the picture above ]

by patternity
[ whatta cool idea~~ they screenprint furniture too! ] 

[ links ]
olive tire leggings: click
leggi603: click
조화속의 부조화/"artificial flower in disharmony": click
gold spartans: click
primitive leggings: click
screenprinted leggings: click


Anonymous said...

It looks like Lady GaGa Style!

sraSEOULee said...

hahaha true!!! i would wear them.. but probably in korea only, cus in america everyone would stare at me ><"