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[ 6 picks ] follow the yellow brick road

yellow is one of my favourite colors. or maybe it IS my fave? yellow is an extremely attractive color in my color wheel. especially the yellows w/ that hint of orange in it. mango-esque. m'mm!

besides a few frighteningly LOUD thunderstorms, we've been having LOTS of sun here in good ole maryland. i'm dipping my toes into the pool everyday trying to see if its warm enough to jump in yet (i'm pretty ready to just make the leap haha).

so, whatever the weather where you are, here's some yellow sunshine for you.

macha: machine gun ring
collaboration b/w ted noten & sam abbott
[ i have this weird thing about gun jewelry lately... LOVE this ]

la bohème: illustration
by carol-anne pedneault
[ amazing aesthetic/color choices ]

superior servers: serving fork in dijon mustard
by ladies and gentlemen
[ fun "modernization" of the typical utensil ]

camera candle: beeswax
by urbancase
[ i like have candles burning, and this ones quite quirky ]

alice jacket: coral sands, ss11 collection
by stine goya
[ the lining/cuffs are MY FAVE ~ perfect detailing ]

martin citrus duvet: snap closure cotton duvet
at unison home
[ mix & match this w/ other fun colors and get a fun summer bed set ]

[ links ]
macha: click
la bohème: click
superior servers: click
camera candle: click
alice jacket: click
martin citrus duvet: click

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