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[ 6 picks ] paint with all the colors of the wind

i'm really attracted to COLOR these days. probably because i have to wear all-black at work and i'm thirsting for the rest of the color spectrum. and why not, right?

xl confetti: 2009 mobile collection
by frazier & wing
[ the exaggerated size makes it so whimsical ]

hex: lampshade
by designbark
[ wahh!!! so funn! ]

spaced bead necklace: palladium plated Italian sterling silver
by arielle de pinto
[ really funky and gorgeous ]

maggie: headband accessory
by miss ruby sue
[ great for photoshoots dontcha think? heehee ]

we were curious: digital illustration
by lucy engelman
[ uHM so cute wtfreak ]

collaboration b/w aschön and street artist pabo
[ dang his art is super detailed w/ a drawn quality ] 

[ links ]
xl confetti: click
hex lampshade: click
spaced bead necklace: click
maggie headband: click
we were curious: click
pabo artist series - angel: click

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