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[ 6 picks ] hoh deer!

dontcha know?

for some reason fall weather makes me think of deer. and deer make me think of fall weather. and lyme disease.... oh well.

fancy pants: t-shirt
by rere clothing
[ i guess i just like animal heads on people bodies? haha ]

glück: illustration in color pencil
[ its like a "where's waldo?" ... find the deer! ]

black deer: glue stick, cardboard, insulation foam, polyurethane foam, wires, plastic zip-ties
[ this work is SO ridiculously well-done!! ]

ms. deer: wooden picture frame brooch
by enna
[ these also remind me of berkley illustrations ]

deer charm: necklace made from a thick plastic
by city traffic jewelry
[ look at his stubby little hind legs haha ]

tiny sailor: headband fascinator
[ UHM. im dying from how cute this thing is! ]

[ links ]
fancy pants t-shirt: click
glück illustration: click
black deer: click
ms. deer brooch: click
deer charm: click
tiny sailor: click

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