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[ 6 picks ] eight legs under the sea

right now, the baltimore aquarium has this jellyfish exhibit going on that i REALLY wanna see. i keep seeing these ridiculous commercials for it on tv that semi-annoy me. so i wouldn't ever pay attention. but then i realized, wait, theres new stuff to see at the aquarium. i love going to the baltimore aquarium even when the stuff is the same so now i reallllly wanna go. hahah i'll definitely go, if i can find time for it before i head to korea for the summer.

[sidenote: jellyfish are also cool b/c "did you know? that jellyfeesh are taking over the world's oceans?" i LOVE/MISS you cedric <3 kekeke]

i've been seeing lots of fun stuff around so i figured i'd do a six picks of 8-legged sea creatures ~ as in, jellyfishies and octopi. i know i've already included lots of octopus design/art finds but here's some more!

by mint parcel
[ i love mint parcel's character drawings ]

jellyfish: gift card
by sub-studio
[ this jellyfish is a cutie patootie ]

octopus: shower curtain
by thomas paul
[ this would be a cute clean design for a kid's bathroom ]

bloop fascinator: hair ornament
by pretty good things
[ oh the whimsy of such a thing ]

by modcloth
[ this ring reminds me of pirates of the caribbean 2&3 ]

jellyfish: t-shirt
by nonfiction tees
[ this guy is just a mess of tentacles, but its awesome ]

[ links ]
octopus in waves: click
jellyfish gift card: click
octopus shower curtain: click
bloop fascinator: click
my pet octopus: click
jellyfish t-shirt: click

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