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[ berkley illustration ] tiger portrait

they've been randomly playing the royal tenenbaums on one of the movie channels recently. i've caught it at random moments. always towards the middle or end. i am quite the fan of wes anderson. the quirky and awkward dialogue fits so well with the his elaborate and richly-decorated stages. i haven't seen as many of his films as i'd like. in fact i'm STILL waiting to see fantastic mr. fox, which i have already decided i will love. but i did catch this short film he did with natalie portman (a favorite actress of mine!) and jason schwartzman called hotel chevalier. i really loved it for its simplicity and ambiguity.

gosh, well it seems i can't stay away from tigers today. maybe cus it's year of the tiger and somehow it's permeating through to my brain? either way, this tiger is oh-so-regal, i had to share. i love berkley illustration's different animal portraits. they would be such a fun and funny addition to a study or a guest room. quirky things bring me joy.

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