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[ cornacchia ] le déjeuner sur l'herbe

le déjeuner sur l'herbe (lunch on the grass)

i've been trying to think of nighttime stories and what it means to me... for a cool project i'm working on that i'm sure i'll share more about later on. (heehee secrecy!) anywho, these pieces by cornacchia are AMAZING. the russian artist uses image editing software to make the end result look as if it were completely created computer-generated. SO MUCH TALENT.

what i love most is that each piece is SO EXTREMELY detailed. every scene tells such an in-depth story. it makes me want to write a book. a chapter. an excerpt. something/anything! inspiringly eerie and sinister... and innocently so - if that makes sense. it does to me.

clockwise from top left: opera en 5 actes (opera in 5 acts), Кукушка (cuckoo), Кругликус, en partance (in departure),   Жуткая история, поведанная за десертом (terrible history, told after dessert), Радость моя! (my joy!), Неживика

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