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[ 6 picks ] decadent desserty delights

i've been being a complete fattie foodie lately. dined at various places including legal seafoods, iron bridge wine co., and this great greek place in kentlands in the past few days. and, best of all, i have this whole container of delicious ๋นต (bread and pastries and yummies) that i've been eating here and there. plus the mango mousse cake.

i'm usually not a dessert person. but i can actually love dessert if its just not that sweet. and all the yummies i've been eating have been perfecttto. and now that i'm going to korea, i'll probably be having lots more desserty goodness because korean dessert is so not sweet. so, here i come, waffles and popsicles and froyo and ... omg seriously i am so full right now as i write this and i'm still being a blog-fattie.

without further ado, six dessert picks!!! calorie and fat free ^_~

cake: print
by im smitten
[ SEALS and cake... uhm perfection ]

bandit cone: baby's onesie
by seanstarwars
[ and it comes in men's/women's tees too! ]

food geometrics: photography series
by youngna park
[ pretty much obsessed with her photography! & this series is great ]

bonbon: collaborative illustration project
by the small fancy (mia & lori)
[ such a cool blog! collaborating on various "themes" each wk! ]

kafferepet: tea towel
by almedahls
[ graphic and fun and yummy-looking tea towels ]

by aijung kim
[ too adorkablez and each one is unique ]

[ links ]
cake print: click
bandit cone: click
food geometrics: click
bonbon: click
kafferepet tea towel: click
ice cream buddies: click

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