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[ the french factory ] k7 necklace

i got my "first" car the summer after my sophomore year. my mom had initially bought me this car that crapped out after a couple months. i think it was a '91 honda civic. it drove (and kinda looked) like a go kart. so after that died, she didn't wanna take anymore chances with used cars and she surprised me with a new 2003 toyota echo. which im still driving to this day. my lil turtle car.

the only thing that i wasn't totally crazy about was that my mom got the most basic model. so no power lock, no power windows, and no cd player. and not only was there no cd player, there wasn't even a cassette player to hook up an ipod to. just radio. i immediately eventually got a stereo put in that had the jack to hook up an ipod (a lifesaver, i must say, now that i don't listen to the radio anymore). and voila- club echo was born (hahaha)

this cassette tape necklace by the french factory is mighty cute. in fact, they have a bunch of cute accessories, and their website is pretty adorable as well.

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