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[ tae won yu ] noodles

korea in FIVE (count that five) days! i cant believe it, really. i'm totally unprepared. haven't packed or anything. but i'm excited... superly duperly excited. cus its korea and korea = my favoritest place to be. i've been talking to jen unnz these days and we've been listing all the yummies that we have to eat once me, dubz, and umma gom get there. this includes:
  • 삼겹살 / sam gyup sal = pork belly {click}
  • 콩국수 / kong gook soo = cold soybean noodles {click}
  • 순대 / soondae = "blood sausage".. its way yummier than it sounds {click}
  • frypan fried chicken {click}
  • 설렁탕 / seol leong tang = ox bone broth soup {click}
  • speed 라면 / speed ramyun = 24 hr ramen place in hongdae {click}
prettyyyyy excited! and this illustration by tae won yu totally makes me think of eating ramen at 4am after a night of drinks w/ friends. we used to hit up this 24 hour speed ramen place in 홍대 (hongdae) all the time and it was delicious/awesome. and they had toasters all along the counter with bread and peanut butter and you could make your own pb sandwiches while waiting for your ramen order. so random but oh-so-good.

from left to right: chef kitchen, bartender

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