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top to bottom: hey, 저기요! ("hey, there!"); 여보세요 ("hello?")

i love 한글 (hangeul), the korean alphabet. remember when i blogged about the really awesome summer olympic t-shirts from basic house? they used the korean alphabet to draw out various summer sports, like swimming and field hockey. that's so awesome, isn't it? hangeul is supposed to be so easy to learn, you could learn it in one day. maybe it took me a bit longer since i didn't spend 24 hours learning it, but it really wasn't too hard to learn at all! and i think it's such an aesthetic alphabet, too.

i am a huge fan of ji lee's work. i first became interested in his stuff because of his parallel world installation. and i really LOVE the bubble project that he started in 2005. but today i have to focus on this awesomely awesome project called suggu that he worked on with sue park. it's too freakin' cool. here's what he has to say about it:

Suggu ("Mix" in Korean) is a new alphabet mixing Hangul(Korean Alphabet) and Roman Alphabet. Because they are both Phonetic Alphabets—a writing system based on a set of symbols representing different sounds—mixing the two is possible and easy.

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