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[ 6 picks ] up, up, and away we go!

me and dubz (and umma gom) FINALLY purchased our tickets to head to seoul for the summer! omg i seriously canNOT wait!!! its gonna be a great summer, i can tell. i'm DYING to see sinchon (aka my hometown... in korea haha). AHH~ TOO EXCITED!!!!!

so, in honor of our travel plans, here are six airplane-related picks for you guys to enjoy!

safety misinformation: toiletry bag
by modcloth
[ how adorable is this?! want want want ]

by jimmy daniel barranco at threadless
[ hehee makes me giggle ]

sleepy head: ink on bristol
by bryan collins
[ more paper airplane goodness ]

by modcloth
[ a cute way to keep track of things on a map ^^ ]

riot lamp: table lamp
by janne kyttänen at freedom of creation
[ interesting concept... with an interesting aesthetic appeal ]

by sniffle co.
[ LOVE their brooches omg ]

[ links ]
safety misinformation: click
"here comes the airplane!": click
sleepy head, illustration: click
travel tac-tics: click
riot lamp: click
rainbow airlines: click

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