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[ isabella baudelaire ] mary poppins shadow puppet

mary poppins | lasercut shadow puppet

yesterday, while i was getting ready to go to nev's grad partay, amberita came over and kept me company. and nanny mcphee was playing on abc family and i made her watch it cus it's one of those simple, aesthetically childish, fun movies. it's just a really cute kids movie... sorta mary poppins-like, in that this magical nanny comes in and helps the kids become awesome. i love kid's movies sometimes haha. plus colin firth and emma thompson = yayyy!

these lasercut shadow puppets by isabella baudelaire are adorable. fairytales and children's stories galore! too precious!

clockwise from top left: fortune teller, morskoi tsar, a dream steamboat, the little prince, guardian of springtime, thumbelina.

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