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[ 6 picks ] actions speak louder than words... but words are pretty loud too

oh how i love and hate words. i am one talkative lass. i dont know why i just referred to myself as a lass. but anyways, i talk a lot. all the time. forever. and ever. and ever. and ever. my mom said when i was little i would just chatter chatter chatter away and half the time (i bet all the time) she didn't even know what i was saying. but she indulged me by pretending to know what was going on - and thus, she aided my growth into a someone who can't shut up.

(ok maybe it's a slight overexaggeration. i can shut up. i mean i don't talk to myself or anything. so if i'm alone i'm quiet. and when i'm sleeping. and yeah ok you get the point. i can be quiet haha.)

thus, today i'm going to share with you - my loverly readers - six loverly wordy picks!

Grr Arg Monster Necklace: acrylic word bubbles
by finestimaginary
[ fun and creative, i'd rock the white "arg!" one]
2008 Olympics T-Shirt: korean alphabet used to draw stick figures
by basic house
[ i have a blue one with all the sports on it! looove! ]

beUU: a typographic photography project
by lajos major
[ love the colors of the text and the crispness of these photos]

Canvas Ballet Flat: simply labeled, just in case
by slow and steady wins the race
[ if i find my size (36) in the natural, i'm getting it right away. SO WANT! ]

LG cyon icecream: phone with outer light display
by LG
[ i have&love this phone! the emoticons are adorable/animated  ^__^ ]

im the mouse poster: party with words
by Pablo ientile
[ the text in this poster give it a whole different meaning ]

[ links ]
Grr Arg Monster Necklace: click
Basic House: click
Canvas Ballet Flat: click
beUU: click
LG cyon icecream: click 
im the mouse poster: click

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