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[ crafty folk ] little miss fox wooden brooch

little miss fox

i really think foxies are the "in" thing these days (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). i keep stumbling on fun fox art/designs. and maybe i'm just attracted to foxiness? i donno! i never really thought about it before. i was always a bunny person because i was born in year of the bunny. and when people asked what my favorite animal was, i didn't really know what to say. i'd always say something stupid and generic like "dog"... which isn't wrong cus i mean i love dogs. but favorite animal's something i just never thought about, i guess!

in any case - while i ponder the ever-important question of what my favorite animal might be - i wanted to share these cute wooden brooches by crafty folk. i am in love with the little miss fox brooch above. but all of the brooches are adorable!

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