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[ squirrell designs ] the fox and the forest

(the fox and the forest)

a month or two ago, when we had snowpocalypse in md (aka 3 ft + 2 more ft of snow), me and my mom were excited to FINALLY be able to get out of the house and drive somewhere. at that point, i didn't care where we were going. i just neeeeeeded to get OUTTA there. and we're driving along and everything's all covered in snow and colorless. and we see this little red fox skitter across a snowy field. and it was weirdly cute.

the above "painting" is actually a digital painting, which is great because it doesn't LOOK too "computer-y." even cooler is that the artist shared the design process from beginning to end. the print has a lot of depth to it, which i love. and i love that everything is gray and washed out but the fox stands right out. i almost feel like the next scene would be him saying something profound in a grandpa voice.

(initial sketches)

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