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[ ohmycavalier ] wolf woman

(wolf woman, original drawing)

i've been extremely restless today. my fingers are itching to paint/draw/create. i'm craving a creative outlet (not that this blog isn't a creative outlet of course). i want to make art. i just don't know WHERE to do this creating. i've already spilled black india ink all over my white carpet in my bedroom (the red cube sits on top of this to hide it sometimes). this was during finals last semester, when i was in school for "no reason" since i'd already graduated.

and my easel sits in our... sitting room? which is our never-used, sorta-fancy-but-not-really room. and i am one messy painter. i have an entire painting outfit because a smock is just not enough for all the paint i wipe on myself. cant stop the groove to go get paper towels. so that doesn't quite work.

anyways, seeing drawings like these make me wanna draw/paint/art-playy! the wolf woman reminds me of travis louie's work a bit. in any case, the ohmycavalier's etsy and bigcartel shops are full of whimsical loveliness to stare at!
clockwise from top left: beasts, demons, fox tea, cat jam, diary, fiddle

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