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[ kiki & polly ] animal mask series

fawn girl

ever have days when  you wish you could just walk around w/ a mask on? i'm having one of those days. or maybe... its been like that for the last few days in general? not that i feel antisocial exactly but just... i donnoooo. in any case. if i had a mask as cool as the ones in these illustrations, then i'd totally wear one!

i will admit, the fawn girl one above reminds me of louis ck's stand up when he rants about how much he hates deer o_O haha but i think anything deer-related reminds me of that particular bit.

(clockwise from top left: girl with a rabbit mask, boy with a fox mask, boy with bear mask, a girl with an owl mask)

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fawn girl: click
kiki & polly: click

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ArtTales said...

I really like the art great find