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[ 6 picks ] a leopard cannot change his spots

... and a good thing it is, too! cus leopard print can be oh-so-hawt if done right. i will admit that it's easier to take leopard print in the wrong direction, leaning towards tacky rather than rawr-ific. (thanks to the 80s, i must say.) but, with some sleuthing, i've found six fun and lush leopard picks that are sexy and fun - but not tasteless and cheap! enjoy~

leopard swimsuit: fashion illustration
by laura wesson
[ beautifully drawn... makes me want to wear that bathing suit ]

by POL at modcloth
[ fierce!!! sister tee to the lion shirt i loved oh-so-much ]

standing leopard: fair-trade knitted plushie
by kenyan knitters for branch home
[ these are adorable! plus, each is hand-made, woohoo! ]

retro - leopard: sunglasses
by betsey johnson at nordstroms
[ the shape + fuschia = ruvvv!! ]

by a.p.c. at domahoka
[ classy and simple... i could see it pinned to a neon or bright top ]

by shae acopian detar
[ lets go to the beach pleeeease! ]

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