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little big me

when i was little, on of my favorite past-times - besides playing with barbies, was playing dress-up. naturally, the best part of this was sneaking into my mom or grandma or aunt's closets and putting on their high heels. and then i felt like a real lady. though, to be sure, real ladies don't quite clomp-clomp around the house in too-big shoes. but i had a good imagination rattling around in my brain, so i worked it out.

this print by shira sela reminds me of being a little kid running around in my parents' shoes. i'm sure i've had a moment or two of walking around in my grandpa's dress shoes as well. though i always found the high heels to be way more fun. shira sela's work is simple, wonderful, and - somehow - a bit quaint.... catching girls in their instinctively girlier moments.

clockwise from top left: healing, free spirit, destiny, nurturing, in safe hands

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