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[ toothpaste frosting ] in a perfect world

i forgot to un-set my "wake-up-for-work" alarm so i woke up early this morning... around 7am. funny how when i actually had a job, i would snooze the alarm for at least 2 hours before finally getting up.

currently waiting for dubz so we can go gym-ing. i haven't been in awhile and i miss it. i must remember to take a bottle of water tea because i hate having to scrounge around my purse for change. and when i do find it, it's always the most wrinkled dollar bill ever.

i'm tempted to go to barnes and noble and work on some serious bloggage for you, my readers. but then again, i don't want to go and fight for an outlet. plus, what with waking up early and (hopefully) gym-ing soon, i may just enjoy being a lazy bum today.

"in a perfect world" is an ongoing project illustrating everyday nuisances. a lot (or most of) the illustrations elicit an "omg i know!" when i see them. and the simplicty is to die for!!!!

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