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[ POL ] corporate jungle tee

i think the real iranian flag is pretty awesome. it's got the lion and sun emblem on it, which had been used for 403 years. unfortunately, after the iranian revolution in 1979, the new government changed the flag to what it is now. i think it's got arabic writing on it or something? which makes no sense as iranians have their own language (farsi) and own alphabet. lame.

this t-shirt by korean designer POL reminds me of the lion on the iranian flag, a bit. i like!!!! it's available over at modcloth. i'm so tempted to buy it but i'm trying really hard not to. because it's korean-designed, i feel like i could buy it in korea for 10$ instead of 30$ online hahaha. although, of course i wouldn't be able to find it that easily or anything. *actively tries not to purchase tee*

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