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[ branch ] biodegradable hot cups

biodegradable hot cups

i've said this probably a kajillion times (1, 2, 3... a kajillion) but if i could drink coffee all day forever and ever i would. but then i would be more dehydrated than i already am. for some reason, though, i just don't like to drink most things. i can only chug milk and tea, both of which are weird things to be able to chug. bottled UNSWEETENED tea is my preferred all-day-everyday drink... but i have to buy it at a korean grocery store since americans love sugar in everything. i don't like water, except -occassionally- the fizzy kind. and alcohol (SOJU) is even more dehydrating than coffee, i would think. so that's not really helpful to drink from a hydrating point of view.

at one point i considered buying a french press and making my own coffee everyday. but 1) im always late to work as it is and 2) i don't like having to carry around an empty coffee traveler's mug. for some reason it really irks me to carry something around when i'm done using it. and that's totally selfish of me and i berated myself about it in my head. but its "easier" (sigh) to go buy coffee somewhere and drink it and throw away the disposable cup.

but now i don't have to feel bad about it! if i do end up making my own coffee ever, i'd want to buy these biodegradable hot cups, perfect for coffee, tea, hot cocoa and more! maybe i'd even buy them in bulk haha. below are some other biodegradable utensils and cups. environmentally friendly = always good!

biodegradable utensils and cold cups

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