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[ 6 picks ] a mug a day keeps the me awake

i've been super-dee-duperly busy with workwork these days. thus, my blog has been suffering and i apologize to you, my loyal 4% readers! fortunately, things have slowed down slightly today so i can multi-task per usual. also i actually got to work on time, for once. which was probably the biggest accomplishment i've made this week. ok not really. but i am alwaaaays late to work these days.

me and me "wifay" schoi (at least on fbook haha) headed to the gym at 545-6. we FINALLY made it to a morning-workout!!! so proud of us. then, afterwards, we tried to get 떡 (dduk) aka sticky rice cake at yetnal, a korean restaurant in ellicott city. they make dduk fresh every day but - unfortunately - they started making it at 7 so i didn't have time to get any *sad*

i did, however, have a chance to drop by dunkin donuts and get meself my favorite blueberry coffee (or as nev calls it on occasion, "schnozzleberry coffee"). i usually opt to get it black but i tried it with skim milk today and it was delish! i still like black coffee better though. it's the coffee fiend within. i used to be a 3/4 milk, 1/4 coffee kind of girl but my coffee tastes have "matured" or whatever you'd call it. black coffee all ze wayyy! i was the same with wine. the first time i had wine (red), i was NOT feelin' it. but now i'm all discerning about which reds i like best and which regions.

i suppose im just a fan of strong flavors. hard liqour, black coffee, bold wine, harsh dbs?

here are my six coffee mugalicious picks! i donno why i just said mugalicious.

by marimekko
[ this illustration is awesome, esp. w/ the vibrant colored bg ]

dear van gogh: silicone
by mike mak
[ b/c of the material it'd be so fun to drink out of this mug ]

toast: breakfast mug series
by acero studio
[ the dot of color on these makes all the difference ]

dirty: prank mug
at perpetual kid
[ simultaneously grosses me out and makes me want one haha ]

 taz ah: a surpise under every plain white mug
by attua aparicio torinos
[ DELIGHTFUL IDEA! they're all so cute, which is your fave? ]

helvetica: coffee mug
by veer
[ a graphic design nerd's dream mug... i like my coffee bold and/or black ]

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Kristi said...

I want that lamb on a liiittle espresso cup!

Allison said...

That coffee mug reminds me. If you haven't seen Helvetica, you should. Its pretty interesting, especially from a design point of view.