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[ uo ] sperm bank

sperm bank

immature? maybe. but i do have a weird sense of humour (thanks benjo). and i pretty much found this to be one of the most awesomest piggy banks i've ever seen!!!! it reminds me of these guys we saw outside of sinchon station handing out free durex over the summer of 2009. this was a big deal b/c south korea is known to have not-so-good sex education. knowledge is power, guys!

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Kim said...

OMG!! the manfriend and i were thinking of making our own little bank to save up money for future travelings... we were thinking of a hot-air balloon made out of papier mache. BUT THIS IS, BY FAR, SO MUCH MORE WITTY. =)

btw.. HI SAHAR! it's kim. i finally posted my very first entry on a blog i created MONTHS ago. thanks for the (indirect) inspiration to start writing again (and more).

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha, wendy likes xD!