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[ inspired by ] iranian new year / aid eh norooz

as i mentioned before, it was iranian new year on saturday!!! in farsi it's "aid eh norooz," and we celebrate it on the first day of spring each year. coincidentally, both of my grandfathers' birthdays are also on iranian new year! so there's always a lot of celebrating going on haha.

so, one tradition of iranian new year is setting the "haft-sin," which literally means "seven s's." basically, you set a table with seven items that begin with the iranian letter "sin" (one of the three different types of the letter s in the iranian alphabet). there are often more than seven items on the table, though.

here is what our haft-sin looked like this year:

1. a good-sized table, to hold all the items
2. apple (seeb)
3. coins (sekkeh), sumac spice (somaqh), dried fruit of the oleaster tree (senjed), sweet pudding made from wheat germ (samanu)
4. garlic (seer)
5. iranian pastries (shirini)
6. mirror
7. eggs & candles (sham)
8. lilacs (sombol)
9. lentil sprouts, homegrown in a dish (sabzeh)
10. vinegar (serkeh)

so here's what i'd want to use for my haft-sin (in the future, when i have my own house and family):

1. hall desk | furniturea | orange3 : love this pop of color!
2. felt play apples | beckym on etsy : instead of a real apple, maybe?
3. molecule dish | merchant 4 : either (or both) sizes would hold a lot of items (including those listed above as #2, 3, 4, and 7)
4. felt food garlic | beckym on etsy : these felt garlic cloves are pretty nifty!
5. square bowl | pier 1 | porcelain white : perfect for setting out yummies
6. boom mirror shelf with vase | 2 modern : perfect mirror stands on its own but doesnt take up too much room.. also could use this for #8 from above!
7. egg candles | michele dugree at moma design store : these egg candles count as both candles and eggs! and i feel like they could be decorated as well
8. essey bin bin | huset : this wastebasket would actually be a cool planter for the lilacs!
9. snack plate | pier 1 | porcelain white : this little plate is the perfect size and shape for growing lentil sprouts
10. stemless flute | pier 1 : i'm LOVING this stemless champagne flute! perfect for setting out the vinegar

this doesn't quite cover eeeeeeeeeverything but yeah, it's a start. the molecule dish is what got me thinking in the first place! loveeeee it!

happy (belated) iranian new year blog-readers ^^*

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