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[ 6 picks ] cloudy with a chance of torrential downpour

after an AMAZINGTASTIC, self-declared long weekend with lovely weather and lovely fam time (both blood relations and The Fam), the forecast for today called for rain. and i checked the weather widget on my mac and it had that little thunderstorm icon next to today's date. and yet, i was STILL surprised when i went out for lunch a couple hours ago and couldn't see because of how much it was raining. it felt like the korean monsoon (called 장마 or jang-ma) that occurs in july through early august, where your umbrella has no purpose. plus the streets/sidewalks are so narrow - and i'm so short -  i end up getting rained on by other people's umbrellas if not from the sky itself. sigh.

i know i've already done the rainy days 6 picks but these are (rain)clouds so its kinda different! so there!

by marga marina at dawanda
[ the color of this pin is BEAUTIFUL ]

spring clouds: small porcelain sauce plates
by villarrealceramics
[ i'd use these to hold my thousands of rings ]

cuddly cloud: medium cushion
by donna wilson
[ these clouds look so fun piled up together ]

by shinzi katoh at modcloth
[ i love the fluffy cloud lambs on this bottle... wanna squeeze them haha ]

sweet rain: illustration
by ilovedoodle on society6
[ not that today's rain was in any way sweet but i wishhhh! ]

by passionflower on etsy
[ creative and delicate necklace! ]

[ links ]
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