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[ 6 picks ] there's something fishy about all this

yesterday was norooz (aka iranian new year). i'm going to do a design post on my version of the haft-sin, which is a traditional table spread we put together every new year. in any case, iranian new year falls on the first day of spring each year (at the time of the vernal equinox)... so it can be anywhere from the 19th to 24th of march. this marks the start of the iranian calendar (ok, duh haha). i think the months of the iranian calendar are actually similar to the astrological signs, if i'm not mistaken?

in any case, the last month of the iranian calendar is "esfand" - the month i was born in. it's the equivalent of pisces. so on new year's, we feast on fish and herb rice (sabzi polo and mahi). we also buy goldfish for the haft-sin to represent life and the fact that the sun is leaving the sign of pisces.

in honor of pisces (and it's end), here are six picks featuring fishies!

ice: illustration
by julie morstad
[ end of winter, beginning of spring! goodbye pisces! ]

by empressbarrettes on etsy
[ channel dr. seuss in this brilliantly-colored clip ]

deep sea: button pins
by matty at sweetiepie on etsy
[ imagine decorating a white tee w/ a BUNCH of these buttons ]

nora's fish: giclee print
[ oh the whimsy... i like the white bg best! ]

the incredible mr. limpet: sterling silver ring
by firefallvisions at etsy
[ i like that this little guy looks kinda sorta real and super-detailed ]

big fish umbrella: clear with metal handle
at modcloth
[ i think this is delightful. and i love the shape of it! ]

[ links ]
ice by julie morstad: click
red fish barrette: click
deep sea buttons: click
nora's fish - print: click
the incredible mr. limpet ring: click
big fish umbrella: click

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