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[ hu 2 ] essential dessert recipes

(essential dessert recipes, wall decal)

good  morning world!!!!! it's a new day. no more rain. sunshine and clear skies. ahhh~ it makes me wish i didn't have to work and could go sit out on a patio somewherez and have a yummy brunch (with bloody mary, preferably). m'mm!

speaking of brunch, i went to maine in the summer of 2007 (i think it was 2007) with my mom. we went to portland and i spent the whole trip eating lobsta. and, one morning, me and my mom walked down to get brunch at this french bistro-type place. i got lobster crepe something-something and a pomegranate mimosa. and OMG it was diviiiiine.

(i love breakfast food!)

so of course i'd LOVE this wall decal by Hu2. it's so adorable and it has a crepe recipe on it. if you know me (or amber) at all, you know we ruv crepes. and this is just such a unique idea for a wall decal. in general, wall decals have toooootally changed face. they used to be pretty corny and clipart-y but now that the design community got their hands on some decal machines, it's a lot more fun and creative. 

hu2 also has a cocktail recipe decal among some of the other awesome wall decor they have. i'd put this dessert recipes decal on my kitchen wall for sure (if i had one). and probably even follow the recipes from time to time.

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