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(miss bunny circa 1896)

been listening to louis c.k. (sometimes called louie) stand-up all morning. usually i'm all about dave chappelle (his stand-up as well as his inside the actors studio appearance) but i figured i should change it up a little today.

in any case, i've stumbled upon another louie. travis louie, that is... the painter. i had never heard of him but OMG. his stuff is freaking amazing. i love how its very reminiscent of edwardian/victorian potraits. yet, each of his subjects is just plain weird in one way or another. miss bunny was one of my favorites (though this might be biased due to my love and subsequent magentism towards all things bunny-related).

stylistically, his work takes on the quality of film noir and german expressionist films. he paints in acrylic on board, which i always find amazing because im an oil painter myself. what i love most, though, is that almost all of his paintings are accompanied by a little background story. so be sure to click through all of his paintings and check out their little histories.

"bill" - the left painting in the top row - has an especially adorable story: *Bill spends most of his time hiding under other people's beds. When he does not shower, he smells like marshmellows.

{clockwise from top left} bill, reginald whiskers mcpherson, montys day of the day, guess who, thurston from under the stairs, amelia queen of the sea monkeys, hypno-krampus, stephen of unusual circumstances, walter & larry

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