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[ 6 picks ] 토끼 토끼 x 2, bunny bunny x 2

tomorrow (2/27) is my birfffday and, though i'd like to post a "bday" post tomorrow, i don't know what all i'll be getting into during the day. soOo - i figured i'd do a sorta birthday-related post today!

since i'm year of the bunny-rabbit, i found six bunny-related picks to share with you all!

oh and for the non-korean friends of mine "토끼 (tt'o-kki)" means "rabbit, bunny" in korean. there's this hand game we used to play with our naval academy friends all the time called 토끼토끼 (tt'o-kki, tt'o-kki) that i can't even explain because its pretty ridiculous. but it was super fun. and everyone does funny arm motions like this L(^~^)\ hahaha except thats how i look all the time....

le lapin / the rabbit: white bunny necklace
by petitescuriosites
[ i like how detailed it is, with his lines of fur ]

rabbit hooded dress: w/ bunny ears on the hood!!!!!
by dodostyle
[ ok. im probably going to order this... *update: i orderend it HAHA ]

arabia: bunny figurine
by "dieci"207
[ so simple and streamlined ]

sweet dream 3: recycled cotton tote
by joy habitat
[ the rabbit one is yellow+gray = <3 ]

paper planes: and a little bunny man
by pocketcarnival
[ too freakin cute. i want his bunny ears ]

by knittedlove
[ can come w/ a keyring to be the cutest keychain evar ]

[ links ]
le lapin / the rabbit: click
rabbit hooded dress: click
arabia: click
sweet dream 3: click
paper planes: click
ooak yellow zombie bunny: click

1 comment:

Kristi said...

if you order that bunny hood, put me in for one!! that's just perfect.