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[ yarborough jewelry ] chipped china curved necklace

(blue chipped china necklace)

this chipped china necklace by yarborough jewelry is pretty crazy - in a fun sorta way. at first glance, i couldn't tell what it looked like to size... so i thot it was a tiny little piece of a china plate or something. but no - it's freakin fuge (see pic below)!

its kinda cool in a whimsical sorta way... tea party gone wrong, maybe? it'd be interesting to try to pull it off... in my opinion, i think it'd have to go with solids (no patterns like below) so it'd show up nicely. the blue would look hot over a neon yellow shirt (haha ok i admit it, i have an obsession with neon yellow) but i think all three colors would look great over black or tan/beige!

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